3 Shopify Success Stories

Read the summary of three stores that found success on Shopify. Links to their full stories are included so you can read on!

Angelus Shoe Polish

In the 108-year history of their family-owned business, Angelus Shoe Polish, the grandson took the bold step of bringing the legacy online. Utilizing platforms like Shopify, social media, and Google AdWords, they transformed the business, witnessing a substantial increase in sales—over 10,000 orders a month in just their segment.

Shopify became the game-changer, offering a user-friendly experience and enabling strategic decisions. From collaborating with artists on Instagram and YouTube to leveraging Google AdWords and SEO, their sales skyrocketed. Behind the scenes, they employ a suite of tools like Yotpo, MailChimp, Shipstation, and more, making Shopify a powerhouse.

Their top advice for new store owners: harness the potential of social media, take it one step at a time, and let Shopify streamline the path to success.

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Blu Kicks

The business started unexpectedly when inspiration struck on a boat trip, leading to the creation of hand-painted shoes mimicking the colors of a fish. Recognizing an opportunity to infuse color into the vacation shoe market, the founders navigated from a local cobbler's prototype to collaborating with an overseas factory for mass production.

Initial sales came through word of mouth, followed by blog and Facebook efforts. Long-term success was propelled by press coverage and collaborations with influencers. The pop-up shop proved to be a successful sales outlet, complementing their growing online presence. Tools like ShipStation, Shopify’s QuickBooks Online integration, and Delighted streamline operations, while in-house fulfillment enables direct customer communication.

For new store owners, simplicity is key, focusing on a few things done well, leveraging tools for efficiency, and maintaining direct communication with customers.

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Distil Union

Founded in 2011, Distil Union emerged as a design-driven venture to bring unique product ideas to the market. Focused on creating solutions to real-life problems, the micro-collective of two designers leveraged their global network of vendors from corporate days to source products. Their journey began with Kickstarter campaigns, targeting early adopters and design enthusiasts.

Word-of-mouth, SEO, Google Adwords, and Google Shopping contribute to their online visibility. Distil Union utilizes various tools and apps from the Shopify App Store, including Yotpo, Edit Order, StitchLabs, ShipStation, Bartastico, Exit Offers, and recently, Springbot. Their seamless growth is attributed to Shopify's support, and as they expand, tools like Shopify POS and a pop-up shop for the holidays are on the horizon.

Their top recommendation for new store owners is to embrace experimentation with the support of Shopify's community and excellent customer support.

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we delve into the entrepreneurial journeys of Angelus Shoe Polish, a legacy business thriving online with over 10,000 monthly orders; a unique vacation shoe venture that found its roots in an unexpected inspiration and leveraged Shopify to scale its operations; and Distil Union, a design-focused micro-collective that turned their product ideas into a profitable business using Kickstarter and Shopify.

From established legacies to innovative startups, these stories showcase the versatility of Shopify as a platform that empowers businesses of all scales and industries. Discover how these companies navigated challenges, implemented effective strategies, and utilized Shopify's robust features to achieve remarkable success in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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